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Custom Dyed MVP Neutron Watt

Custom Dyed MVP Neutron Watt

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Try on this custom dyed flannel MVP Neutron Watt! Celebrated for its precise flight path, the Watt is versatile addition for players at any skill level.

Players agree that the Watt is a super versatile and beginner-friendly disc golf putter. It's known for holding any line you throw it on, with a straight flight, neutral feel, and awesome glide. From beginners to pros, love how it flies for all types of shots - upshots, tee shots, and even deep putts. While some might need to practice with angles, its performance for all skill levels makes it a solid addition to any bag. Comparisons to other discs like the "Max Weight Glitch" and distinctions from the Ohm and Glitch show how unique the Watt is. Its beginner-friendly use and potential as a one-disc round option for pros really make it stand out.

Make: MVP 
Model: Watt 
Plastic: Neutron 
Flight Numbers: Speed: 2 Glide: 5 Turn: -0.5 Fade: 0.5
Original Color: Red 
Weight: 172 grams