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DiscPerfect Owner Brent Palmer

DiscPerfect is a Disc Golf company featuring Disc Golf apparel, shirts, gifts, accessories, custom disc dyes and more. DiscPerfect also runs a webcomic!

Over the years I have seen tons of disc golf memes but never an actual disc golf related comic, so I decided to make one. While I was at it, ideas for shirts or apparel popped in my mind too, so why not both! Thus presenting DiscPerfect, an ironic play on just how imperfect my golf game is. A little further down the line, I fell in love with all the colorful and creative ways there are to dye discs, and we now feature a full and creative mix of custom disc golf dyes for any bag. Updated every week, so check back often!

Feel free to browse entertaining and funny disc golf themed webcomics or support DiscPerfect by browsing the store. 99% of all products are original designs by me.