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Custom Dyed Innova Halo Firebird

Custom Dyed Innova Halo Firebird

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Custom dyed houndsooth on an Innova Halo Firebird. The Halo Firebird stands as a beacon for reliability and control in the face of challenging winds, with its outstanding durability and eye-catching Halo color configuration. Its remarkable overstability and predictable flight patterns make it an essential disc for any seasoned player's bag.

The Innova Halo Firebird gets great reviews from all types of players, showing off its top-notch performance as an overstable fairway driver. People like how it handles headwinds and stays stable, but it might not be the easiest pick for beginners because of its tricky flight. The cool Halo plastic not only looks great but also improves the grip and feel, a feature that players really love. With its reliable fade and power throw capability, it's a popular choice among experienced disc golfers, making it a go-to disc for many.

Make: Innova
Model: Firebird
Plastic: Halo
Flight Numbers: Speed: 9 Glide: 3 Turn: 0 Fade: 4
Original Color: Green
Weight: 168 grams