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Custom Dyed Discraft ESP Ledgestone Thrasher

Custom Dyed Discraft ESP Ledgestone Thrasher

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Rock on with this grunge style custom dyed Discraft esp swirl Ledgestone Thrasher. The Thrasher is renowned for its beginner-friendly design and exceptional distance capabilities, ideal for players looking to add a reliable yet understable distance driver to their arsenal. With a flight rating of 12/5/-3/2, it offers a predictable high-speed turn with a gentle fade, making it a favorite among both new and experienced disc golfers.

The Thrasher seems to really impress a bunch of disc golfers, from beginners to pros, with its flight behavior and versatility. People like how easy it is for beginners, helping them throw farther, sometimes 400+. It's great for practicing hyzer flips and long turnovers. But, its high-speed turn and understability have pros and cons; it allows for longer shots and different flight paths, yet some worry about its consistency, especially for forehand throws and windy days. Still, it's a good pick for those leveling up to faster discs, offering good resistance and a nice fade. The Thrasher is a solid choice for anyone wanting to up their game, no matter their skill level.

Make: Discraft
Model: Thrasher
Plastic: ESP Swirl
Type: 2022 Ledgestone
Flight Numbers: Speed: 12 Glide: 5 Turn: -3 Fade: 2
Original Color: Yellow
Weight: 171 grams