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Types of Disc Golf Throws

Types of disc golf throws with backhand, forehand, overhand, and bag throw

There are many types of throws in Disc Golf. Backhand, Forehand (sidearm), Overhand (thumber, tomahawk), Turbo, Underhand, Roller, Bag Throw, and many more. The Bag Throw is a unique type of throw that also includes many variations like underhand or overhand. The Bag Throw is traditionally utilized after a player has hit a tree and fun fact, it is the only Disc Golf throw that does not change the position of your lie. While not recognized as an "Official Throw" by the PDGA, the Bag Throw can be employed to arguably reduce frustration, though it is seen as unsportsmanlike and ironically increases frustration when you then have to play 52 card pick up with the discs that flew out. Use sparingly as people may not play with you anymore if you use it too much.

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