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Custom Dyed Discmania Cloud Breaker 3

Custom Dyed Discmania Cloud Breaker 3

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Custom dyed plaid design on a Discmania Cloud Breaker 3. One of the first discs with the new S-Blend plastic, the Eagle McMahon Cloudbreaker 3 is slightly less bendy than Star plastic, and less grippy. It feels perfect for an overstable disc like this one.

The Discmania DD3 is an overstable distance driver that is used by most of the sponsored pros. Similar to Innova's Destroyer, the Cloudbreaker 3 is best used as a max distance driver by players who have enough arm speed. You can also forehand drive the DD3 as hard as you want without it turning into an inadvertent throwler.

Make: Discmania
Model: Cloud Breaker 3
Plastic: Special S-Line (S Blend)
Type: Eagle McMahon Signature Series
Flight Numbers: Speed: 12 Glide: 5 Turn: -1 Fade: 3
Original Color: Red
Weight: 173 grams